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We believe that branding is intellectual, not just visual, where design has a sense of purpose above and beyond the fickleties of fad and fashion. Design without substance has little weight in a visually polluted landscape.

Our approach is to use both our strategic thinking and creativity to develop the right solution to the brief. A partnership of the left and the right, the bread with the honey.

Our work transcends many industry sectors. By this nature we feel we can add freshness to every client and every brief whether corporate or consumer, service or product.

Multi-nationals or start-up, we like working with clients where there is an appetite to push things forward, not for the sake of change, but to improve for the better, whilst maintaining respect for heritage and the past.

Our work is not about us, we don’t think it’s really about our clients, it’s about the market with which they engage, the audience, the user, the consumer.


brand positioning
brand architecture
brand guardianship
competitor and communications audits
tone of voice
customer journey


brand identity
brand guidelines

digital media
point of sale
merchandising and display
signage and environment

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What can we say about Bread and Honey that amply demonstrates their talents? They brought us from idea, to brand, to recognised authority, in five years. There is no superlative to cover that ability. Use them, and no other.

– James Cridland, Director  –


Since working with Bread and Honey in 2010, their enthusiasm and positive approach with everything they do has been remarkable. Amongst many other things they have created a completely new look, feel and identity for us, brilliant work which our team and customers love. Great listeners, and creative minds.

– Antony Bulley, Managing Director  –


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